Basis on original theories of the Free Spirit Theory and Mirror Spirit Soulmate Typology and others.

Of all my explorations into the spiritual side of a person's life combining them into real life experiences, I have collected what I've concluded into one theory, named the Free Spirit Theory, that, in it's turn, contains a few sub-theories:

The Free Spirit Theory in a nutshell:

The Universe was created because anything is better than nothing at all. Its purpose is for us to be able to experience whatever we choose to experience (good or bad). Another way of looking at it is that it happened without any planning at all, it just is. We could then think that our task is to find a way to spend an eternity not only without getting bored, but exhilarated to see another day and the excitement it'll bring.

In order to do so, we must honestly evaluate who we are and who we want to be, who we are happy and proud to be and then, become that person.

In accordance of who we want to be, the Universe (or the Great Enabler, the Great Observer, as in God) creates the opportunities needed to enable us to become what we want to become. There is also no real necessity to believe in God, but I have encountered a consciousness that fits the profile to a reasonable extent so I reserve the right to believe in God, personally.

We share this planet and Universe with other Free Spirits, people with absolute free will, and we are restricted only by each other's will. To become whole and truly grow up, ourselves, we must free ourselves from the control of others, while still being able to consider other's point of view.

To find complete bliss and thus our personal heaven, most of us want to share our life times with other spirits; people and animals (and who knows what else) that I call Mirror Spirits.

Mirror Spirits are of many different types, the most exciting of which is the True Mirror Spirit, the people who ignite every passion in you; from your professional side to your sexuality and full capacity of love. (Because our soulmates are often the key to our ultimate bliss, this website is heavy on Mirror Spirit topics alongside with authenticity -posts, which hopefully help you to figure out your route to both your ultimate happiness and your ultimate soulmates.)


The Free Spirit Theory consists on few basic parts:

1. The law of naturality, constant change and evolution - The cover-all law that states that nothing in this Universe is locked to stay the same; we are constantly slowly changing and evolving. (There is nothing that can't be fixed.)

2. The Genesis and Evolution in spiritual context and how it aligns with science

3. The Law of Truest Wish - how our life follows our whimsical will and always protects and follows the Truest Wish, that is often illogical and subconscious. (Slight adaptation from the Law of Attraction.)

4. The Mirror Spirit Soulmate Typology - how different kinds of soulmates are identifiable and where do they fit in one's life.

5. Authenticity - how to "be oneself" by who you want to be and would be proud to be.

6. Soul Roles and Soul development stages - (Work in progress.)

What is different to FST and other spiritual websites is that it is an entirely independent set of theories or a separate philosophy - although drawing inspiration from other theories as is apparent (but we can't change the truth) it is so profoundly rewritten that it should be considered it's own branch in New Age.



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