Mirror Spirits in a Nutshell

True Mirror Spirit
The most intense, profoundly sexual, Ultimate Soulmate connection, with the characteristic of being extremely scary to begin with; you know you are staring in the eyes of destiny, everything you want is right there, but fear of rejection may overtake you entirely. You love each other because of your flaws, not despite them.

Healing Mirror Spirit
Unconditional love and spiritual aspects are characteristic to Healing Mirror Spirits, who love you despite of all your flaws, and you can do no wrong. This bond is unbreakable, but the relationship may be temporary as it is non-possessive and unconditional.

See the full Soulmate Typology chart

Note: Be sure to make a good effort to identify the type of each of your soulmates (remember you're categorising them in relation to you, not yourself) to make sure you understand the advice written on the blog correctly. Following advice written for the wrong type may cause problems (won't do permanent damage but can delay True Mirror Spirit reunion even if the person you're now thinking about was of another type).


The Free Spirit Theory in a nutshell

1. The Universe was created because anything is better than nothing at all. Its purpose is for us to be able to experience whatever we choose to experience (good or bad). Our task is to find a way to spend an eternity without getting bored.

2. In order to do so, we must honestly evaluate who we are and who we want to be, who we are happy and proud to be and then, become that person.

3. In accordance of who we want to be, the Universe (or the Great Enabler, the Great Observer, as in God) creates the opportunities needed to enable us to become what we want to become.

4. We share this planet and Universe with other Free Spirits, people with absolute free will, and we are restricted only by each other's will. To become whole and truly grow up, ourselves, we must separate ourselves from the influence of others.

5. To find complete bliss and thus our personal heaven, most of us want to share our life times with other spirits; people and animals (and who knows what else) that I/we call Mirror Spirits.

6. Mirror Spirits are of many different types, the most exciting of which is the True Mirror Spirit, the people who ignite every passion in you; from your professional side to your sexuality and full capacity of love. (Because our soulmates are often the key to our ultimate bliss, this website is heavy on Mirror Spirit topics alongside with authenticity -posts, which are required for you to figure out your route to both your ultimate happiness and your ultimate soulmates.)

The Free Spirit Theory consists on few basic parts:

1. The Genesis and Evolution in spiritual context and how it aligns with science

2. The Law of Free Will - how our life follows our whimsical will and always protects the Highest Goal

3. The Mirror Spirit Soulmate Typology - how different kinds of soulmates are identifiable and where do they fit in one's life

4. Authenticity - how to "be oneself" starting from discovering who it is that you are.

5. Soul Development Stages (Soul Ages) - how our soul develops through incarnations.

What is different to FST and other spiritual websites is that it is an entirely independent set of theories - although drawing inspiration from other theories as is apparent (but we can't change the truth) it is so profoundly rewritten that it should be considered it's own branch in New Age.

Theoretical base

Why did I choose the term Mirror Spirit?

Although I must admit that there is an allure to the term Twin Flame, I have chosen to use another term that I coined for this usage, because it so well describes what our relationships are about. I regret that the word "mirror" has a colder connotation to it in English than what it does in my native language, Finnish (Mirror spirit = Peilisielu), as in Finnish it has a ...

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What is the purpose of it all? (Why are we here?)

The answer to the ultimate question of all time is "to discover how to be happy". Not just happy, but blissful. I don't know how we became to exist, how consciousness was created, but I know this: if you have an endless amount of time at your disposal, then you will need to find some form of entertainment to keep you sane. That is essentially what we are all attempting to ...

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The Problematic Concept of Time

First, I will have to quickly introduce the idea of Meta-universe and Universe. Everything that exists, also exists in a non-physical form, as a spiritual, soul version of the Universe. There is me, and then there is Meta-me. (Meta-universe is a term I coined to explain this.) In the Meta-Reality, things look a bit different. Time is much more fluid concept, because it is not tied to physicality, but can ...

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The idea of Being One

I believe a lot of spiritual/religious misconceptions have occurred through miscommunication with the Meta-entities, who simply don't understand the question. Sometimes we make the dumbest questions without realizing that us trying to be smart is actually quite stupid: "Does time exist?" "Eh what?" "Does time exist?" "You mean like are you going to fall off on the edge of Time like you thought you'd fall off the edge of Earth ...

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The Meta-Universe

The Meta-Universe is a term that I use to describe the non-physical side to our Universe, the part that we all connect to in our consciousness, through our souls. Everything intangible. The Meta-Universe has a copy of everything that we are on the physical plane, including bodies that most people call astral bodies, that I would, for the sake of consistency call Meta-bodies. We even have a copy of our ...

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The Law of Free Will

There is one unquestioned law in the Universe, and that is the free will of an individual. Now, before you object, I must point out that this includes the fact, that since you have a free will, nobody can force you to use it. For as long as you don't exercise your right to free will, you will be controlled by someone who is willing to control you, or you ...

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Authenticity and why it matters

In all spirituality, this is the most important aspect of everything that we do, everything that we aim for, all success, business, personal, love life, how we raise our children, their potential, it ALL comes down to this one word: authenticity. The happiness of the entire planet depends on authenticity. It is the single most important goal we have in this world; to discover our own authenticity and to help ...

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Type descriptions: True Mirror Spirits?

Although there are several types of Mirror Spirits, this one is the Ultimate, the most exciting and the most amazing of them all, because they are every other type of soulmate in one. They are your healer, your tormentor, your lover, your protector, your inspiration, your muse, your sexual flame, your perfect partner at everything you want to achieve in life. EVERYTHING. They answer your needs perfectly, and although you ...

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True Mirror Spirit relationship phases explained

Both the True Mirror and Core Mirror (as well as Faux Core Mirror) relationships progresses at approximately the same way in broad strokes, but obviously with many different variations to details and "story lines" and Core Mirrors without the complications of sexual authenticity and acceptance and demand of monogamy. The phases are identifiable due to psychological reasons within our current culture, and isn't so much a spiritual truth as it ...

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